Garuti vini

Dry sparkling red

Lambrusco di Sorbara DOP
Dry sparkling red

This special bottle, produced since the creation of the winery, contains our whole wine production tradition. it has a ruby red colour, clear, good structure and an evanescent beautiful froth.

The taste is dry, warm, soft, fresh and supple. Gentle floral notes and some acidity are perceived to the palate.

Its aroma is quite intense and persistent, with fruity notes of red fruits like cherry, blackberry, blueberry and floral scents such as violet. These aromas recall the ancient Lambrusco di Sorbara of past times.

Food pairings: perfect with local courses which are fat and savory. Ideal with dishes cooked with stewed pork or sausage, sausage with beans and zampone with mashed potatoes or lentils.
Serving temperature 11° C.

Technical details
Variety: Lambrusco di Sorbara 100%
Production Area: Sorbara district
(Municipality of Bomporto - MO)
Alcohol: 11% VOL
Sugars: 11 gr/l