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Four generations fond of Lambrusco

A brilliant vision

Thanks to Dante’s great foresight who founded the winery in 1920, the Garuti wines are produced in this strip of land ideal for this grape variety. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchilldren have welcomed and enlarged the Heritage of knowledge left by their ancestor innovating and building a project of life and business that involved the Whole family.

Dante had a great vision, though a humble sharecropper he began to dream of owning the land for his vineyards. His sons Elio and Romeo inherited the same passion for Lambrusco, this sparkling red wine typical of this land, almost unique among the Italian wine panorama.

Small sips of history

1920 - Winery establishment

1945: vineyards growth and wine production
1958: Dante Garuti was decorated ‘Cavaliere del Lavoro’ for his service to industry

1960 - Acquisizione Podere Marandello

1969: acquisizione del fondo Scaletta e nel 1970 del podere Ca’ Bianca
1971: costruzione della nuova cantina
1975: nasce l’acetaia per la produzione dell’Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena

1979 - Dante Garuti was awarded 'Ufficiale della Repubblica'

1985: Elio, suo figlio, viene nominato Cavaliere del Lavoro
1988: viene comprato l’ultimo terreno: il fondo Uccelliera

1993 - The Agritourism is opened, the first in the Whole area

1995: acquisite in Cantina le botti in acciaio
1996: Elio viene nominato Ufficiale
2000: Elio diventa Commendatore

2010 - The product 'Gioia Rosato' is launched, i.e. the first Spumante made from Lambrusco

2011:  ritorno alla produzione del Lambrusco di Sorbara DOP Rifermentato in bottiglia

2015 - The second Spumante is created: Gioia Bianco

L’ultimo nato è uno spumante bianco Extra Dry ottenuto dal Trebbiano di Spagna

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